Sunday, January 8, 2012

Egg Harbor City, Clever and Fun Caching

On the first Friday or Saturday of each month, the South Jersey Geocachers meet up and go caching.  Once in a while it will be on Saturday afternoon but more often than not, it's on Friday night or Saturday night.  This month about 9 people and it was a beautiful Saturday night.  It had been 60 degrees during the day and very pleasant at night!  There was no wind! The sky was perfectly clear with a full moon!

Now a lot of people would think that it's much too cold to be going out at night, in the middle of winter, to the woods.  I get that but there are so many advantages.  Of course you need to learn how to dress, layering is the way to go!  I generally have a layer of Under Armour pants under my jeans and a pair of Merino wool hiking socks.  I love my winter socks, I wish I could wear them all year!  They are soft, warm and thick on the bottom.  My feet almost never hurt or get sore when I wear them and they stay toasty warm. 

On the top half, I have an Under Armour shirt next to my skin then a warm shirt.  That's usually enough to start the night but as the night goes on I have a few coats that I wear.  They are all orange so that I can wear them at during the daytime in hunting season and hopefully not get shot.  One of the coats was a present from Bill, my son-in-law for Christmas a few years ago.  When he gave it to me, he told me that he was concerned when I was out there during hunting season.  How sweet is that? So I hold it up to admire it and the girls and Joe burst out laughing!  He tells me to check out the back.  I turn it around and he's pinned a target to the back!  

The advantages to geocaching in the winter?  Well, there are no ticks or chiggers, you don't sweat and it's much easier to find things when the brush was dropped its leaves!  Bushwhacking is so much easier.  
Spoiler alert...I'm about to show pictures of actually caches.  I will not tell you the names.
 Below are some of the clever geocaches you can find in the Egg Harbor City.

The instruction below are from what's known as a liar's cache.  You tell a crazy story about your adventure finding it.  When you go to the cache page, you will find some really wild stories, none of them are true.  When you log it, you read the other cachers stories and add your own twist!

 This cache is part of the underside of the shelf fungus on the tree.  The fungus is attached to the tree with a magnet, it's not a natural part of the tree.

 This red jeep has a container on the front bumper.

 There is a stick balanced in the bush that has a container on the end of it.

 When you approach the tree, there is a piece of bark that is attached with a magnet and the geocache is under it. Once it has weathered a few months, it will be especially hard to see.

 There are so many creative geocache hidders out there! We like to give them a hard time about how much time that have on their hands and how they need to get a life, but we're really grateful!  The keep the game interesting!  Thanks to all of you!


Terry said...

How interesting! I like the idea of a liar's cache with wild stories. I'd just like to write a wild story . . . Good idea to let people know how to dress too.

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